Solo Exhibition “Home of Shibawanko”

Yoshie Kawaura’s solo exhibition “Home of Shibawanko” will be held.

Exhibition Date: 30/Mar./2020(Mon) to 4/Apr./2020(Sat)
Opening Time: 12:00 to 19:00, the first day 14:00 to 19:00, the last day close at 17:00
Venue: Pinpoint Gallery

The “Shibawanko” series of picture books soon will celebrate its 20th anniversary from its first publication in 2002.
In the solo exhibition, the original pictures from the picture books will be displayed. And twelve Geecle prints carefully selected from the picture books will be exihibited for sale.
In addition, there will be a painting from the children’s book “Tsubasa motsu mono” and several original works.

I hope a lot of people enjoy it.
Please come to “Home of Shibawanko”.

Roses in November

The roses are blooming well.
The bride has a light green and pink colour on the glowing white petals.

The loose petal of the China rose opening is beautiful.

This is an en-bridge rose, a kind of English rose.

Bouquet and fallen leaves.

I am crazy for Roses.

Garden in autumn 2018

I was very tight in the garden work this year.

A good harvest of Persimmon in the eighth year to plant! Really as the saying goes!

I made the “yokan” – sweet past jelly – of the Persimmon  served with “Kinako” – soybean flour. The cast-iron-plant leaves are laid as often used for the dish of Japanese food. The plant is easy to grow and very useful.

A lot of fruits of heavenly bamboo were made well this year.

And these yellow flowers are leopard plant.